Places to Shop in New York City

Any serious shopper knows that New York City is the ultimate destination. There are even shopping tours in this town, both group and private. Their outlet stores are so crowd pleasing that companies have started bus tours. You can find designer showroom tours, wholesale. If a full-fledged shopper could choose anywhere on earth to shop, it might be Paris, but certainly New York City would be at the top of the list.

Madison Avenue Shopping

Ann Taylor has several shops in which she sells her high fashion designer clothing. On Madison you can find one at 645 Madison Avenue and 80th & Madison. The first store was opened in 1945, so they’ve been around for a while and obviously selling what women want to wear. You will find classic clothing in these high end boutiques including separates, suites, dresses as well as shoes and accessories. Much of the clothing found at Ann Taylor’s contains the finest Italian fabrics and yarns.

Valentino, located at 747 Madison Avenue, offers intricate embroidered evening gowns, handbags covered in fur, spike heeled pumps covered in jewels and more. Of course, Valentino’s trade mark of red and black, polka-dots, bows and ruffles are predominate in his gowns. Some of his most popular shoes, however, are the skinny wedges and flats. For the man shopper, there is a line of Italian suits as well as tuxedos and dark evening wear with the Valentino flair.

Yves St. Laurent, located at 855 Madison Avenue, originally designed his clothing before his death in 2008. He was often called the most influential designer of the last 25 years. The modern refined elegant style of S. Laurent continues in the line as seen in the Madison Avenue shop. His habit of taking items of male clothing (jacket or blazer) and mixing them with feminine pieces continues as well.

5th Avenue Shopping

Disney Store, located at 711 5th Avenue, always has an air of magic swirling around the store. It can be seen through the windows, drawing you in like a hypnotic trance. If there is an item Disney related, you will find it in this store. It’s a chance to give your adult shopping excursion a break to find something special for your children, a niece or even a friend’s child. If a child has accompanied you or you are just a child at heart, you will want to head up to the 3rd floor to peruse through the Disney Art Gallery which includes both past and present art pieces.

Saks Fifth Avenue, located at 611 5th Avenue, is competitive in the high-end retail clothing market. A quality clothing line that was founded in 1865 by Andrew Saks. Many designers create clothing for the Saks series of department stores such as Daniel Franco, Karl Kani, Victoria Bekham, Bono, making it a giant retailer with a styles that satisfy everyone.

Prada, located at 724 5th Avenue, offers quality Italian leather goods (luggage, shoes and accessories). If the public didn’t know about exquisite Prada shoes, they did after the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada.” Although there is a long list of Prada retailers, the 5th avenue store is a must-stop-in if your shopping in New York City. The status symbol shoes are luxurious and copied by counterfeiters at the constant frustration of Prada.

Time Square Shopping

M&M World, located at 1600 Broadway, is candy heaven. And if you can’t get enough chocolate there, Hershey’s is right across the street. The 25,000 square foot store bombards you with M&M colors as you walk in the door. With three stories of M&M apparel, art, kitchen gadgets and, oh yeah, candy, you won’t make it out without a 5 lb weight increase.

The MTV Store, located at 1515 Broadway, may be noticed first by the line around the block. But, then when you look up you notice the bright yellow sign that is MTV’s. The line is to participate in the audience of one of MTVs most popular shows, “Total Request Live.” You can purchase MTV souvenirs at their gift shop at the bottom floor. While you are at it buy an “Eat MTV.”

Sanrio, located at 233 West 42nd Street, is first noticed by it’s bright pink exterior and “Hello Kitty” collection in the window. Most of the store is take over by Japanese “kawaii” (cute). And that means anything “Hello Kitty.” Take your little girl hear and she’ll have twinkle in her eye for ever more. And you will have the credit card bill to prove it. But what joy you will give her.

Lower East Side Shopping

Marmalade, located at 172 Ludlow, is a haven of vintage clothing, shoes and accessories. If you love 70s and 80s clothing to wear alone or to mix in with attire of the 21st century, this is the place. These vintage treasures are clean and in good repair with plenty of sizes to fit everyone. They have a helpful and friendly staff that is knowledgeable and able to answer questions with great detail.

Bluestockings Radical Books, located at 172 Allen Street, carries all the radical stuff. If vacation means stopping to read a good book, between shopping trips, you will want to stop by Bluestockings. It will give you a chance to browse the shelves for books you don’t find at your local corner bookstore.

Zarin Fabric Warehouse and Home Furnishings, located at 314 Grand Street, is a huge source of designer fabrics for home decorating. If you love interior design and doing your own thing, you could get lost for a whole day in their three floors of fabric and all that’s needed to redo your home at below retail prices. You know it’s the place to check out as it’s been in or mentioned in many TV programs such as “The Real Housewives of New York City,” “What’s Your Sign Design,” “Sex and the City,” “Law and Order,” and many more.

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